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If You Are Bored Here Are A Few Things To Do:

  1. Read a book
  2. burn the book
  3. wipe your butt with the book
  4. cook a meal
  5. bake cookies
  6. sleep
  7. homework
  8. (wait ignore the last one)
  9. tell your mom about the trouble you've been getting into
  10. look after old folks
  11. clean your house
  12. clean your room
  13. clean MY room
  14. please
  15. prank phone calls
  16. watch TV
  17. dont watch TV
  18. write an essay
  19. write a book
  20. write a novel
  21. write a dictionary
  22. read the dictionary
  23. study for a test
  24. see how long you can stand in the middle of a street without being hit by a car
  25. (tell me how it went)
  26. pick your nose
  27. pick someone else's nose
  28. go to Ireland
  29. go to Norway
  30. go to China
  31. visit your uncle
  32. visit your aunt
  33. visit your aunt's pet ant
  34. brag about how cool Bram is
  35. Read this
  36. Read the above
  37. tell a friend about this site
  38. make a gingerbread house
  39. ignore this list
  40. make a list of your own of stuff to do if you are bored
  41. do something
  42. sky dive
  43. deep sea diving
  44. sky dive into a deep sea
  45. read whike sky diving into the deep sea
  46. buy a lottery card
  47. fill out the card
  48. hope to win
  49. don't win
  50. hey thats 50 things now